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Agricultural Spraying  


Liquid Fertilizer
Micro Nutrients
5-20+ usg/acre
Summer Fallow / In crop









Pricing varies depending on the requirements of each job.

The factors that enter into each quote are as follows:

Gallons required/acre

The # of acres booked

If crop dividers are required

For details please call Brian @ (403) 635-3003 or by email.





        Spraying for seed producers


Hybrid Canola


  spraying Invigor Seed production canola after leaf cutter bee tents were placed in field.  




  Crop dividers available for fungicide and crop desiccation.



 A 120’ sprayer with a 14.0” wide tires tramples three per cent of your crop.

That’s 20 acres of crop lost for every section of land sprayed.

Cropsavers reduce these losses by 80% to 90%. With a crop valued at $200/acre,

Cropsavers will increase your bottom line by approximately $6 per acre.


What is aim command?

Very simply put aim command is a system developed by capstan

which allows an operator to maintain the same preset pressure at different speeds

whichout changing the application rate.  Secondly the preset pressure can be reduced instantly

by a switch of a button when drift becomes an issue.

(along headlands,sensitive crops, shelterbelts, waterways, & yard sites)

This system is completely different than conventional sprayers

where speed & pressure go hand in hand.

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Consulting Services

Drift Complaints
Fertilization Complaints
Chemical not working properly
Application Equipment not working properly.
Complaint Settlement

Are these one of the problems you are dealing with lately?
Need a mediator to help out and protect your interests?


Do you just want to know what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again?  

25 years of experience of working within the Agricultural Industry.

Old equipment wears out, new equipment can be out of calibration.

There is always a chance of operator error but sometimes the issue is a combination of several contributing factors.

Consider letting my experience help you.

Available by phone (403) 635-3003 or by email.

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